Ifs Steering Boxes

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Nov 16, 2005
Whats a reasonable price for an IFS steering box that is used for the high steering on the solid axle trucks? i am looking to do this to mine. thanks in advance for the advice or responses.:steer::hmm:
$75 bucks is average. And a good price.

I have seen them go for as high as $150.

Also as low as $40

I parted out three IFS trucks. I have three gears. Plus my 89 which I may or may not part out.
I have been planning Hy Steer for years. Infact last night, I FINALLY mounted my gear on the frame.
SO now im down to two.
Whatever you buy, make sure it's in good shape. I wouldn't pay more than 20 for one that needs a rebuild....
i hear ya, i started to tear apart the one off of my fj40 not the mini truck one but an actual fj40 box which is pretty much the same thing only the pitch on the bracket mount is different. once i got to those recipricating balls i decided to wait untill i had more time to rebuild it right or find someone that could do it. it was a pain trying having to put those little ball bearings back. makes me think about going with the saginaw setup.

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