ifs needs belly armor. Reinforcements!

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Mar 28, 2010
just went through slick rock this past weekend and survived!

It was pretty brutal but made it through with minimal body damage, can't say that about my rear bumper. I do have the TJM armor(best $150 investment for ifs)that covers the tranny but does not protect the transfer case (have the metal piece but have to install that covers the gap between the cross member and the tranny).

I've noticed that when the lc gets hung up it Lays on the cross member that the transfer case bolts onto. I've wheeled this land cruiser for quite some time and now the cross member looks like an S. Who's reinforced theirs (thinking about buying a used one at a junk yard for $50 and reinforcing it)Kinda don't want to spend $550 for slee's.

Also noticed a ding on the fuel tank. Does anyone make/reinforce their skid for the fuel tank?
You will realize how cheap the slee skids are once you replace a punctured tranny, tcase, or fuel tank. ;)

That said, I bought a 3.5x5' piece of .25" 6061-T6 Aluminum to fab up my own skids... but that is not a "kit"

Sorry, I am really being no help. Maybe bolt a 1/2" plate of aluminum to the crossmember to cover the goods?
Any pictures of the dabbed up ones?

My tranny is pretty covered up with the TJM and it does a great job. I only need roughly 2 feet covered which is the transfer case.

I didn't know that slee sells a skid plate for the gas tank.

Is there any other vendor that sells body armor?
Bump-it Offroad sells a kit similar to Slees "under- armored" 3pc set. Mikes 3pc kit is priced a little lower.

Slee offers steel or aluminum which is a nice option for weight saving.

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