IFS hubs on SFA??

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Mar 27, 2007
Nor Cal
Hey been told about this swap by a bunch of guys but cant get any exacts on what parts need to be modified, or what specialty spacers or whatnot i need to make it. so i wanna have VENTED disc brakes in the front and be the same width as an ifs toy rear axle.
Everyone i talk to says ifs hubs with '84 and up landcruiser rotors, but what other parts are needed to put it all into working order???
thanx again, Nate
Problem with this setup is that you need to make a spacer for either the discs or the calipers, cause they do not line up anymore. The disc is offset about 1.5" but the caliper remains in its stock mounting position so somehow you need to align them using a spacer.
I'm doing this right now, but I want to use larger discs (tundra) and larger calipers (3.0 TT supra). So I probably end up wih two spacers per side.
Allready got 16" rims on her, tested the setup with supra discs (same diameter as tundra) and it should fit inside the wheel.
I'll post it here as soon as I'm done.
Unfortunately up to now nobody wants to export these tundra discs to europe, so it could take a while before finished.:frown:

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