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Mar 20, 2007
I said I'm not just new to FJ40s - I'm also new to wrenching. But I have decided to do as much work as I can on my rig so I'm gonna have a lot of what are pretty basic questions.

I posted this in the 40's series techinal forum but maybe I'll get more hits here - who know?

I'm trying to replace my old, dented (I think it's original) steering dampener with an OME one.

I got the cotter pins removed and the lock nuts off - but I can't get the old steering dampener off .

What do I need to do?

Well since you don't necessarily need the old one you can pry on it and damage it up as much as needed to remove it. The reason it is most likely froze on there are the factory rubber bushings are old you may need to torch it off. If you don't have one, go to walmart or any other store with a hardware type section and get one of those little handy bernzomatic torches and just heat up the rubber bushings evenly until they start to smoke. Just do one at a time. Once you get one side off you may be able to twist the stabilizer and its hard bushing off. Hope this helps some.
You might be able to use a ball joint splitter if you have one. Where is home?
Thanks guys - I used a pickle fork I borrowed from the neighbor and it came off easy.

I got the OME dampener on with no probs.
I added some grease to that steering thingamajig that is mounted in front of the radiator behind the bumper (yeah, I'm a newbie - I'll look up what that oil can sized thing is tomorrow) - anyway , grease squirted out the bottom - I'm guessing I need a bushing there or something, right?

Additionaly, now I gotta figure out why my clutch is not totally disengaging....

I'm new - but I'm trying to learn.
clutch problem.....slave cylinder...master cylinder...or try adjusting the thingamajig that pushes in the clutch fork...see you are not the only one that don't know the names of all the parts....good luck

When my clutch would not disengage it was the clutch slave. I found a rebuild kit at Oreilly. It was a pretty easy job.

Adjusting your idler will eliminate a lot of play in your steering (the thing in front of the radiator behind the bumper). Loosen up the big jam nut on top and tighten the bolt in the middle of the jam nut and that will take out a lot of excess play. Then tighten up the jam nut. do a search on mud I'm sure there is a how to on this.
Thanks - I'll try that.
I probably won't be able to do any work on it 'til after Easter. I'm already getting addicted :) I'm jonesin' for some wrenching.

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