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Nov 5, 2011
Long Island, NY.
I'm still having a hard time nailing down the year of the different parts use restoring the FJ I bought and, it would seem, what I didn't know when I bought it keeps coming back to haunt me.
I was under the impression my windshield was from a 76 so I purchased a replacement one for a 1/'75 to 9/'77. Painted it, installed the window, windshield wiper motor and linkage and even the rear view mirror before noticing that there were no holes for the venting to mount to. Upon further investigation I found that the old frame has an offset around the opening for the venting that this doesn't have either. So now it's replace the venting or the frame.
But I would still like to know what year windshield frame I started with. Anyone out there have an idea?
There are more pics on 'Pre 77 40/45 Windshield Frame (pick up only)' in the parts section of the classifieds.


PS, Looking for left and right venting sleeves for 1/'75 to 9/'77 windshield.


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