I Need Some Help Setting the Preload on my Pinion Nut

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Feb 1, 2013
Houston, TX
I’m installing a new ARB Locker and for some reason I can’t seem to figure out the preload on my pinion nut. When I took the third member apart it did not have a crush sleeve but did have shims. I went back with all the same exact shims and now when I torque the pinion nut down to 145 ft/lbs my preload reading comes out to about 40 in/lbs which is way too tight. Also I have a squeaking when I turn the flange that doesn’t seem to be right. I set the deal in as far as I could and the bearings are new & dry.

Do I need to loosen the nut? Add or remove shims? This is my first time and I’m at a loss. Thanks for any advice.

I’ve attached the below video for reference.

Link to YouTube video
196 Nm is pretty much for a setup without crushsleeve I think.
There is nothing to crush, are you sure it needs that much torque?
Most advice is it just needs to be at the same position it was and lock it there (count the turns when it came off?)

Mine was a bit loose that way (nut at exact position) so I did torque to 230 Nm but it has a crush sleeve that can be damaged when the axle hits a rock and my axle has a dent so probably a damaged (or pressed in low torque) crush sleeve.
So for me (maybe wrong) : factory installs crush sleeve witn 430Nm or something hulk wise, 250k later more wear and loose, axle hits rock and pressed crush sleeve: need to tighten the nut.

Yours should be really easy, just find the right momentum/torque and leave nut in that position, video seems very tight.




The fsm is not very clear about using old used stuff, they somehow think all is new, also differences in torque specs:


anyway, I also check the other side for play:

check and look inside what is happening and what has play:

And so I end up a quarter turn more than it was, maybe I killed the whales with this (I believe in butterfly effect)


more info here, to much to copy&paste

Birf-propeller-shaft-diff-yoke-flange-spider-snap - Page 7 - hj60.freeforums.org

When the diff is apart YOU MUST CHECK AND ADJUST THE Carrier Bearing Pre-Load CBPL (No measuring, No trouble) !

toyota carrier bearing preload

And get the gasket:
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I tightened the pinion nut to 50 ft/lbs, which is the lowest my 1/2” torque wrench can go. Even at the lowest setting when I checked the preload I was getting 34 in/lbs.

Would putting some oil on the bearing and other surfaces help?
Maybe the squeek is the rubber oil seal? oil might help but maybe not enough, bummer
But the rubber when dry is a brake, maybe remove the thinnest shim or look at the pictures above from zuk, or get the gear to him?
mail him? he seems pretty easy sharing knowledge, real thumbs up for him :beer:
he must be the guy the internet invented thumbs up for
I’ve given up and took it to Javier’s here in Houston. It won’t be that much for him to set it up and I’ll know what I did wrong for the next one.
the pinion nut should be torqued alot more than 50ft-lbs on the pinion, the pictures provided do not provide the diff pinion preload. i did mine and maxed out my torque wrench at like 175. you MUST have the proper manual todo this. there's ways to check the backlash which is very important (i think thats what its called) on the ring pinion with paint to ensure its getting proper contact. if its not you need to get the correct size spacing shims. preload on the REAR DIFF PINION NUT for the fj60 should be like 12ft lbs, and to do this the diff must be off the car and not have axle shafts or wheels interfering. but the new locker might need to be broken in and loosen up some? im not sure. this sucks to do at home for sure. if you were using the same bearings the backlash should be the same but i cant say because i dont know if the locker effected it in anyway.
The PPL will be in in/lbs not ft/lbs, just want to make sure nobody takes this literally. Your in the ball park with 12, just 12 in/lbs....this also requires a very sensitive torque wrench in case ya'll haven't noticed.

Sounds like your pinion simply needs more shims to loosen up the preload....unless your running a crush sleeve in which you will need to start over.....I'm sure Javier will save you some grief, these are very time consuming process....especially the first one ;)
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