I need some advice on where to look and what to get to get what i want.

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Feb 11, 2007
I have a 3b/h42 and want to get low gearing and twinstick. first thought was toy box -d 300 but it looks like the toybox kit has a land cruser output. My trans is the later 19 spline output. And one done this or know what to do ? I could even just run an atlas, but it is all about the addator. if someone knows my options i would perfer them in list of cost just to make it fun for yea!

I have the lenth and io think i could fit a ford 205 as i am drivers drop(60) and streched wheelbase.
Hi All:

I don't know about twin stick options, but for lower gears with your late-model H42 tranny and split t-case I would suggest looking into the NP203 GRB swap.

In this conversion one uses an adapter between the H42 or H55F and the low-range section of an NP203 t-case (the Dodge version, IIRC), then another adapter to the 'split t-case.

Look at the online catalog of Advance Adapters for more info.

Good luck with the project!

well accually, i have a centered rear diff, the truck has a 14b rear and a 60 front. I would like to use a 205 or a d 300 (drivers drop) . any ideas?
I was talking to John Barron the other day about an adapter for an SM 465 or SM 420 behind a 3b . Unfortunately there aren't that many options that go from cruiser 19 spline tranny to any type of t-case that will center the output . Not many that I have seen or heard of anyway . Could maybe try marlin for a 19 spline toybox and then adapt to a dana 300 .I think they did a limited run of 19 spline toyboxes for 60 series owners (not sure though).

OTT industries makes a Mini/D300 adapter as well.
problem with the toy box rought is the output is now like a lc shaft. Any one know about the klune v option?
You can get a toy box without a LC output.
as noted i have a 150 hp motor to push it. so i would hope it will not be to tender. still looks like 205 is the way to go

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