i need a plan

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Nov 6, 2010
so i have a 1970 fj55 that i bought out of a field none running it came with a 2f laying on the ground next to it and two extra axles. I decided to try my luck with the 2f and took it to a small machine shop. I need a new crank shaft im beeing told so my first question is can i take the crankshaft out of the F engine it came with and put it in the 2F, if not were can i get a good crankshaft? my next question is what will i need to rebuild the clutch and were can i get that followed by will my carb from my F work with my 2F and do i need to make any adjustments and any other advice with the swap would be awesome, thanks for your time
I dont think the carb will work ...at least that is what Jim C told me....It sits differently
The crankshafts are the same. You can use an F carb on a 2F engine, it's easier if you use the earlier intake manifold.

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