I must be losin' it.

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Jan 13, 2007
In the garage.
Hey, can somebody help me, please. I lost my clutch on the way home the other night, from the Badlands cruise. No biggie , or so I thought. I didn't think it worth mentioning until tonight. When I got about 3/4 of the way home I felt a spongie pedal. I checked and the master cylinder was dry. I filled it and drove home. Found fluid all around it and bought a new master. I put it on tonight ( as I have done several times before in my life) and no pedal. I bled it a second time. No pedal. I pulled the slave, flushed the line, took the slave apart and cleaned it. I put it all back together and bled it, no pedal. I blead it again, no pedal. I took it all back off, inspected it, (master, slave) and put it back, still nothing. Any thoughts on how I could have screwed up something so simple? I thought the possibility of bad parts, but each tested good on the bench. Help?! I have been at it since 8:30pm it's now 1:30, and I am covered in brake fluid. I'm hitting the showers. Any help would be appreciated. (It's an 85 Toyota truck) Thanks, Tony.
I would go ahead and change both the slave and master. When my clutch went out both the slave and Master seemed fine on the bench, but in actuallity the slave was shot.

It's a relatively cheap fix.
Any possibility you damaged one of the lines from master to slave during the wheeling on Saturday? That would explain why replacing one end or the other doesn't solve the problem. just a thought.
what I had happen before

One time while wheeling, I had gotten a bunch of mud and sticks jammed up into the pressure plate which wouldn't allow it to fully release.

I also had my adjustable pushrod on the slave cylinder back itself off one time, and when I pushed the clutch I wasn't gettting full travel.

Another time my wife was helping me bleed the clutch and after 20 minutes when it wasn't getting any pressure, I figured out that she was pumping the brake pedal instead of the clutch!

Hope some of this helps!


PS If you have a picture of my near end over end this weekend, please send me an email.
Thanks for the tips. I don't know what I may have done wrong. I went and bought both new master and slave cylinders today and all is right with the world again. I have a clutch that works! Must have been bad parts. Johnny, (my friend that came to the hoedown) has gotten his FJ40 running. Won't be long now and we'll be cruising in it.
Clint, I have some very nice shots of your award winning stunt. I don't have your e-mail address though. I will be glad to send it. I would like to send all my pictures in for the Hoosier Cruiser web site. How do I do that?

I also put those lift springs on my truck today and raised it about 2 more inches. It sets just right now. Except I think I need to change my brake lines. Later, Tony.
Glad you got it fixed!

my email is clint2 at comcast.net

Dave R will have to get you set up with a member's account for the website. You can send him an email through the website email. Thanks!

Yes, please post the pics of Clint and Richards climb up the trail. I'd like to see them myself.

Here's a few that Tony sent me

4-21-07 1.jpg
4-21-07 2.jpg
4-21-07 3.jpg
Boy Clint looks like you had your butt puckering a little.
I never was one much for book learnin. I can't seem to figger out how to put pictures on this site. it keeps telling me they won't fit. I don't know how to make them smaller. Once I get it straight i'll post them I have about 65 pictures total.

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