HZJ 75 Safari

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May 5, 2019

Been around the site for awhile but just registered. Long time fan of IH8MUD and Toyotas. Just picked this 96 up. 279,000 Km's. Completed new shocks, all fluids / filters changed. Waiting for a master cylinder rebuild kit. 1HZ engine. Tires to come. Probably Goodyear Wranglers to start. Seating for 7. Dual fuel cells.
East Africa. Looks to be in fairly good shape. Last 2 owners did maintenance so we'll see. Been around diesels but this is the first one I've owned so I'll be getting an education.

Welcome to the madness.

It appears that one the rear side windows is a little higher than the other. Is is so or is it just my imagination?

I believe a company in Tanzania did the body modification. Only has one passenger in the rear, behind the driver.
That door is really handy, there's a seat right there when you open which I may take out for ease of loading stuff and getting in / out. Has 3 seater across the rear which I'll take out and put that single seat back there along with a spare and mount a fuel can outside in its place.
Toyota should have sold the troopy with an optional rear side door, it would have made them much safer and more user friendly.

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