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Feb 16, 2018
Los Angeles
I wanted to put this somewhere more visible, but the chit-chat forum doesn't seem heavily visited. So I'll post here since it's relevant to my GX build.

I ordered the Eibach Pro Lift kit for my GX a few weeks ago from a respected and reputable retailer. (They will remain nameless; they were great to work with and I have no idea whether they were a contributing factor to the situation.) I dropped off my GX on Monday to have the lift installed and some other work done. On Wednesday afternoon, I received a call explaining that the hardware kit (nuts, bolts, washers, spring isolators, etc.) wasn't present with the lift kit.

I called Eibach immediately and @Tanner H (who I'd previously exchanged a couple of messages and emails with while researching parts) picked up. Tanner listened to the situation and handled it like an absolute pro. He went out of his way to check for the parts in their stock. He mentioned that they may have some in the warehouse and would get back to me after he checked. I heard back in ~an hour that they had the parts, but the upper spring isolators were the wrong size (not sure if they were from another kit or what). Tanner personally marched them over to the machine shop and worked with the Eibach team to machine them to spec the next morning. He then overnighted the parts to the shop for me where they arrived today for install.

Consider this my highest recommendation for Eibach — thanks @Tanner H and crew!!

TL;DR — The awesome folks at Eibach replaced the missing parts from my lift kit with zero arguments and got them to the shop within 36 hours, including machine work, to ensure my install could get finished this week.

Tanner H

Nov 3, 2015
Corona, CA
I’m just dodging you.
No but seriously I don’t remember seeing an email from you. Can you re send? I’ll be in the office first thing in the morning

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