HuddExpo Add a fuse block kit for 80 series

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Jul 30, 2007
Monument, CO
This works for 93-97 80 Series.

Final tweaks and changes made. I moved to 1/4" thick ABS for the mounting plate and have decided to allow each person to order as little or as much from the kit as they like, essentially once you pick the mounting plate, you can just add from there. Options will include tinned marine cable, fuse or circuit breaker, six or twelve circuit fuse block and an option for the circuit breaker mounting plate. You can see the circuit breaker mounting plate mentioned earlier in the thread. Here are some pics of the mounting panel with the six circuit BlueSea fuse block mounted. Remember, just is just inside the drivers kick panel slightly above and to the left of the dead pedal. The mounting plate is pre-drilled to allow easy mounting inside the truck along with pre-drilled holes for both the six and twelve circuit fuse block. There are also two holes at the top allowing you to zip tie the wiring, securing it just after the fuse block. Stainless mounting hardware will be included.

The mounting plate is also very easy to drill and if you pilot it, mounting other things to it will be really easy. I like the idea of mounting relays and other things if you don't need the fuse panel there.

I will have it listed for order on the site early next week.





Pics of the ABS braking module and brackets where the new mounting panel will install. Also, the prototype circuit breaker mounting panel.


This is where I have landed on a plan for the circuit breaker mount. It mounts off the bolt holding down the throttle cable bracket to the charcoal canister. bracket. Plans are to have it keyed off the charcoal canister bracket so it won't twist and you will just reuse the throttle cable bolt. Plans are for powder coat black too. Good thing with this location is it is short, like 8in, to the main battery. Nice and close for good protection.

Depending on your chosen configuration.

I will be including the following.

Stainless hardware to mount the plastic panel to the abs module and brackets
Stainless hardware to mount the fuse blocks to the panel
Stainless hardware to mount the circuit breaker
The choice to include or not include a fuse block.
100 amp Bussman circuit breaker
4awg marine tinned cable terminated with marine terminals and protected with PET and adhesive backed heatshrink. There will be two of these one from the main battery to the circuit breaker and another from the circuit breaker to the new fuse block.
Variety of zip ties and velcro for attaching and cleaning up the install.
Looking good!
How far are we out on this? Really dig the idea and am ready to clean up my rats nest of wiring this summer...:bounce:

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