HP D60 Front axle, and 14b FF rear - WTS or WTT

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Mar 29, 2007
Northwest Arkansas
United States
Hey guys, I know this may not be the place to post axles like these, but I know some of you might have a different vehicle that could use these.

I've got a Ford HP D60 front axle, with kingpin knuckles for sale.
Its complete, from disc to disc. The pads are good, rotors are good, and the axle itself has been gone through by a drivetrain shop and freshened up. Its also got a spare tie rod, and fairly new lockout hubs. 4.10 gears, and an open carrier.

I've also got a 14 bolt FF rear axle for sale. Its complete from drum to drum, and has 4.10 gears and an open carrier. Its in great shape, and is now 100% painted like the front. (These pics are a couple weeks old...)

Here are the pics:



The front 60 is pretty hard to come by. I had to drive to St. Louis to get it, which is about 6 hours from me.

I'm located in the Northwest Corner of Arkansas, zip code 72736.

If you are interested, I'm asking $1400 for the pair, and my phone number is 417-434-3969.

I'm also interested in trading for some FJ80 parts!! Mainly, an ARB bumper, or some factory locked axles. But let me know what you got!

Thank you,

-Tim Mills
I'm located in Northwest Arkansas. About 5 miles from Missouri, and about 10 miles from Oklahoma.

I would gladly sell just the front for $1100, as that's what I have in it. Most of the time you will find these axles going for closer to $1500, and that's an old rusty used one... lol

I'm not trying to get rich off this, just trying to get my money back.

Also, shipping will be done via freight company on a flat rate pallet. You're looking at like $250 for that. Give me your zip and I can try to get it a little cheaper.


Oh yeah, i've also got a brand new pair of Rancho RS44044 leaf springs i need to get rid of. $250 for those.

I do need FJ80 stuff. I need a new grille, and the piece that is just below the grille. Also some headlights would be great, as would another set of tail lights.

Bump for a good deal on some bulletproof axles.

Still got these things guys! Someone surely needs them, or knows someone who does!



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