How to reset your “maint required”/oil change light. (Instructions)

Discussion in 'Tundra / Sequoia' started by LINUS, Jul 26, 2018.

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    Not sure if it was ever posted here, but I had mine done at the local ‘Yoda dealer since the service peeps see me plenty over at the parts counter.

    1. With either the motor running or just key in the ‘on’ position, keep cycling the trip button next to your odometer to ‘Trip A’.

    2. Turn off the motor or just turn ignition to ‘off’ position.

    3. While holding down the trip selector button next to the odometer, turn the key just to the ‘on’ position. Keep holding that button down.

    The odometer display will show ‘————‘, then ‘———‘, then ‘——‘, finally ‘—‘ during this period while you’re still pressing the button with key in position 1/ ‘on’. Took about 5-7seconds.

    4. Still holding that odometer / trip button, turn the key off.


    At this point if you did all the above right, you now have reset your “maint req’d” light.

    Turn your Tundra/Sequoia ignition all the way to running motor - doublecheck your work.

    You should be done.

    I’d seen a few variations on the internetz, so I had Karen do mine since she was free & looked at me funny like I ought to know this based on prior general talks in the dealership, and after watching it was really simple.

    Mebbe this will help some of you like me, I think our clusters & maybe the process is different than 200 series LC’s. IDK for sure, anyhow - that was the process.

    ‘12 Tundra for the record, should work for all G2 Tundras & Sequoias.

    Not sure if anybody had posted this here in Mud.

    HTH somebody.
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    Good call. I forget this every time and have to google it. Now I will just come here. :beer:
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