How to de-smog a 2F...

Feb 26, 2003
I just finished up the SOA on the 78 FJ40, Power steering is probably a winter project, and I got this weber sitting on a new intake, sitting on my shelf. These came off a buddy's 2F before he got a Jim C rebuild. My carb is crap, keeps flooding and can't get the choke dialed in right, and is probably not being helped by the brick that is attached to my right foot. I wanted to install this Weber and a header that I have, and I was told that I needed to de-smog to get the weber in correctly. What do I need block off, keep, cut or reconnect to make this thing work. I can take a picture later and post, and I'll grab a pic of the intake that the carb is mounted on as well. I just figured somebody else has to bored at work right now and wanting to talk about FJ's.

Jul 2, 2003
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Its for a 84 '60, but I believe both 2F's are the same layout.

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