How much Moly Grease for Birfs

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Oct 4, 2006
Seattle, WA
Can't quite remember how much I used last time I did this job.

The FSM doens't give an amount and some on mud say as much as 4 tubes per side to 1.5 tubes for both..... anyway i'm thinking 2 tubes per side... but have six so I can use 3 per side if that is the general wisdom.

Darin you do this thing 2 times a week, how much do you use?
For an 80 housing i use 1.5 small tubs each side. Not too sure on tubes as i do not use them but to top them off during a regular tune up.

On 60 / 40 housings i usually use 1 tub per side.
I usually get a 5lb bucket of coastal disk brake wheel bearing grease at autozone and use it for both the birfs as well as wheel bearings. Works well for me :meh:
Good one bearded one! Pointt to darin. Johnny 0
don't forget a case of brake cleaner and paper towels. a 5 gallon bucket would be nice to help with cleaning the burfs, if therer is not a parts washer. you will need big bottle of brake fluid to flush the system out with.

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