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Mar 25, 2005
South Africa
I am getting the infamous "donk" sounds from my drive train. It is very noticeable when changing to the next gear.

I did some searching on IH8MUD and found that the following must be looked at
1. Pinion Backlash
2. U-joints
3. Slip Yokes
4. Drive Flanges
5. Wheel Bearings

I had all of these checked about 16 000km ago and have regularly serviced the u-joints and not overfilled the slip yoke. (truck has 130 000km on the dial)

Tonight I crawled underneath the truck and with the vehicle in neutral I noticed that when I turn the rear prop by hand it moves about 1-2mm but when I turn the front prop shaft it turns 12-13mm. IIRC the front never turned this much. The "donking" started two weeks ago after an overlanding trip up the Westcoast where I did some big dune work.

It looks like I have a backlash problem. Can this only be adjusted on the pinion? Where else?

Any advice?

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