how much interest in Remflex gaskets?

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Jun 28, 2003
Here again...
I hope I'm not stepping on any toes here but where better to come!
I am thinking about adding some of the truck gaskets to my current line-up of Remflex land cruiser gaskets. I'm wondering which gaskets you think would be most useful. I'm thinking 22r family header gasket, 22r Manifold gasket, maybe 3.0L and 3.4L?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
i'd try a head gasket. have no need now, but i do like tearin stuff apart for no reason.

gotta be for the 22R/E (same thing)

Remflex is all about exhaust gaskets. So if you're running headers, or a turbo, or just want to reseal a leaky manifold... then I can help.

the pipe that bolts to the hedder is flanged both on the hedder and pipe.
the problem i have is the triangle, triangle mount does not seal well with the other one when i use a gasket.

i was gonna cut off the flanges and weld the mounts flush at the end, but its really hard to do since the pipe is short, for the smoke stack.

i did look at the site and yours are a bit thicker, this would help.

the pipe size is 2.25"
If you can get me the measurements to confirm, I'll order a set with my next order on the condition that you'll try it out for me before you cut and weld. Pm me your address and I'll get everything together.

I don't care for Remflex gaskets, as I've found them to be short lived......:frown:
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