How many JEEP fans live on IH8MUD??, Most comments are understandably TOYOTA biased...

Fan of Jeeps?

  • Jeeps are cool too

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  • Yea, sure, they are OK

    Votes: 8 15.7%
  • Nope, Ill stick to my Toyotas

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  • Make? Just give me 4WD

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Jan 2, 2018
Sonoma County, CA
Hi Guys,
Just starting a friendly question on how many of the IH8MUD population is "PRO-JEEP"

I have only owned my FJ40 (trying hard to not ever just say FJ as to not upset the FJ Cruiser population) for a few weeks, but I have owned and enjoyed my '95 YJ for 14+ years...

I assume some of the "jeeps suck!" banter is probably all in good fun, but I rarely see ANYTHING positive towards JEEP so I thought I would ask the population, Where do you stand on Jeep? Any of you own built up rigs? My YJ is very mild, mostly stock and has never seen any "serious" off-roading. but its always started when I asked it too, and never had a complaint about it.

Some of you 'Yota heads own or enjoy Jeeps? or is that Rising Sun flag the only ones for your 4x4 vehicles?

Here is my plain little YJ

Also got a 1st Gen K5 but thats another animal all together!
Jul 18, 2015
Canton, Michigan
I'm on my third Jeep Grand Cherokee (2011 overland, 2014 and now a 2017 summit). They are great vehicles for the money. Bought all three brand new and have had very few issues with any of the three.

I also own a 1976 Jeep CJ5 that I have done a 'resto-mod' on.

Nothing wrong with Toyota's. I like all sorts of different vehicles. Current daily for me (wife uses the GC), is a 2018 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE, regular cab, 6.5' box. Z71 4wd, and everything that I could order from GM on that model.

I hang out on Mud, because there are a lot of talented people on this forum, doing all sorts of things I wish I had the time/talent/tools to do.
Nov 3, 2004
Frankfort, Kentucky
We are a Mopar family. My grandfather started selling Dodge and Chrysler products in the 19teens. He used to drive them to peoples houses and if he sold one he would walk home or catch a ride. He also would buy them back if they were dissatified for one reason or another. He would have some of them painted if they wanted another color.

Chrysler scooped up AMC and Jeep and so they became family. We have had great luck with Jeeps, been good to us. My brother had a 1963 CJ3B. Sold it a good many years ago. I had a 96 Jeep ZJ. Great vehicle, my dad is still driving it. He and my brother both have Liberty CRD's. Power Wagons and first gen Dodge Cummins trucks in the family as well.

I currently have a 78 Dodge Ramcharger but drive a 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser for my daily. Yes, I do like Land Cruisers as well. My brother also has a couple Toyotas. I also am a big Subaru fan and have several of those. Wife and son drive Outbacks and I have recently acquired another one I may start driving as a daily. I need to take the Cruiser down for some repairs.

Each and all of these are mechanical machines and will wear in time and possibly fail in certain situations. I tend to enjoy what each of these bring to the table. Had some VW's that I liked as well. None of us are fans of GM but, that is okay too.

Mud is the best forum and best group of people I have come across on line.
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Dec 19, 2016
Pixburgh, PA
I love Jeeps, older ones at least. My first vehicle was a 1985 CJ 7 with a 4.2/4 speed (no pic). In college I had a 1999 XJ Classic 4.0/auto. After that, I had a 2001 TJ 4.0/5 speed. I've since had a Tacoma and now a GX470, but not a day goes by that I don't miss my TJ.

Oct 26, 2008
2 1/2 Hrs. from everything
I love my 1975 FJ40 and my 2002 4runner. neither has ever left me stranded. I love any old iron, Rovers, jeeps, scouts,etc. My son bought a '94 jeep and it's been fun getting it all fixed up. He's as pleased with his as I am with my '40.
Mar 9, 2018
I can't understand people who say that jeep sucks. This car is amazing! If you want car which will last you a long time, will be reliable on the road and off-road - Jeep is one of the best choices
Dec 4, 2016
kinda near Durango,Co
Had a CJ5 in 72, then a CJ7 later. I was the only one of my group of 4wd nuts in college with a winch, so I always got calls at 3 AM to come pull out some drunk friend in a heavy 4WD.

I still remember when the first FJ40's hit the US. I can remember the smell and being surprised 1st gear was not synchronized. My friends and I all salivated and dreamed of owning one. But at 17 it was out of my price range.

Later I bought a 88 Jeep Cherokee for $4500 and 125,000 miles for what I planned to be a temporary vehicle. But the more I drove it the more I liked it and nothing ever broke or gave problems. At 480,000 miles I blew a main oil seal. Up till that time it did not burn oil between changes. The straight six engine was bullet proof as it should be after being produced for nearly 100 years.
I love Jeeps. Especially the smaller ones that can go places large, heavy vehicles can't.
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