How many FJ45 owners in Oregon?

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1965 FJ45 LPB original second owner
Feb 1, 2012
Southern Oregon
I was just curious how many of us FJ45 owners are here in Oregon. I'm in the Southern Oregon area. I am new to the 45 club but not the FJ40 club. I have owned several FJ40's over the last 20 years and finally found my first FJ45 LPB. :bounce:

It would be great to talk to others about their 45's, share some insights and maybe a 45 gathering.
Thanks for the info.

I have a 1966 LPB. I'm in the Medford area and I don't think I have noticed any other FJ45 in the valley. I will be joining one of the clubs in the state or area soon. I think Cascade Cruisers is up north. Maybe Jefferson. I need to look into one of these.

I was thinking of going to the Cruiserfest this year, but It will more than likely be next year. I still have a few things to do on the 45LPB.

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