How do you remove the front speaker???

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Mar 12, 2012
Austin, TX.
I have a 2004 LC and my front drivers side door speaker is blown. I bought a used replacement off of this site from another forum member. How do you get the front speaker cover off? I am affraid I am going to break something. Any tips?
I googled it as I have the same problem. You can find step By step insructions and a wiring diagram online. You have to remove the entire door panel.
Almost all of the screws and plastic pins are visible. The only tricky parts are:
To remove the trim panel around the door locks, be sure to pry out very small square insert in the center of the panel and remove phillips head screw, then take a very small screwdriver and place it between the rotating lock button and the top of the trim panel, gently pry as you wiggle the trim panel, it will slip off. Other tricky part is to pry the window switch trim plate from the front only. The back has fixed plastic fingers that catch the door panel, the front has a small spring steel clip that you can push inward from front toward the rear as you are pulling upwards. If you have the tweeter, the cover pulls straight off, no screws.
My build thread has lots of descriptions and photos.
Thanks, that door panel removal link is awesome, sort of a pain in the butt for just a speaker but o'well. Thanks for all the info.
srkpaco: did you ever figure this out / resolve your 'blown speaker' problem? are you certain it was the speaker and not a loose connection / bad door wiring harness? i too have a 2004 with the same problem with the lower driver's door speaker, which works intermittently. please advise. thanks!

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