Hot floor?

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Mar 17, 2010
I had the middle row of seats out for a road trip this weekend. The middle row floor got extremely hot and the seat brackets almost untouchable hot. I know it's right above the muffler but it just seemed excessive after 4hr trip. Is this normal?
I wouldn't think that would be normal. Are these brackets within reach when the seats are in place (I'm not near my truck otherwise I'd take a look for myself)?
This happened on my buddies suburban on a road trip and they pulled over. Dang thing caught fire and burnt up shortly thereafter. He said when he crawled under it before it caught fire tranny bell housing was way too hot to touch.
The floor in the back (trunk area over the resonator) of our LX has always gotten pretty warm on long drives. I doubt its really a problem
I'll have to double check the heat shield. The brackets in question are the front mounted ones that the seat bolts into and the bar ones that they lock into when folded down.
Also look closely for a hole in the muffler or exhaust plumbing. Radiant heat will get things hot, but a steady stream of leaking 800 degree exhaust gas will get em really hot really fast.
I will look for that, good idea.

These are the brackets in question
I have the same issue, couple hour drive and the heat increase in the cab is substantial. Mine is a 2006 muffler & shields seem to be fine. I get most heat under the driver seat/centre console. Anyone tried sticking reflective heat shield between the body and exhaust where possible?
My '00 LC is the same - I figured it was the exhaust running up near the floor board. You could heat up some beanie weenies pretty good. Same exact spot as yours.
I just notice the same thing.
Here is my set up.
I am running a front Ironman bumper with a front mounted license plate, with the stock front eng skid plate OFF, Ironman lift.
Heat shield and insulation all intact under neath. Newer stock exhaust from headers back with NO LEAKS.

And my center console and under the seat gets really really hot. Hot enough for my front passenger to bring it to my attention.
My rear driver side pass also notice under the drivers seat is hot.

I wonder if the running with the stock skid plate off is having an affect? But why would it?
I will put it back on to see.

Any ideas?
For whatever reason, the exhaust on these trucks seems a lot hotter than my other vehicles. I can't stand behind the tailpipe tip while loading and unloading at the tailgate while the truck is idling or else it will toast my shins. I've never had that problem with any other vehicle. But I guess I'd rather have the heat coming out the tail pipe than staying in the manifold/engine compartment.
The red circle on the picture is right above where the catalytic converter is located. The catalytic converter uses catalyst to facilitate the oxidation of unburned fuel in the exhaust, with heat as byproduct. If your air:fuel ratio is rich, then the cats will crank out lots of heat. They also seem to burn hotter with age. They have heat shields for a reason. Hot is normal, but super hot could cause a problem.

Maybe look under there near the end of your next long trip and see if anything is smoking or glowing red. I think the cat should operate at about 500 deg F. If you have access to a decent infrared thermometer, it might be worthwhile to take a few readings next time you get the truck warmed up and i.d. the heat source.

The floor on my '98 LC gets kinda hot too, and it is normal. But I pay close attention bc I once had a 1990 Mitsubishi Montero catch fire and burn completely during a road trip due to a clogged catalytic converter and bad ignition on one cylinder.
Use this as an excuse to fund a new exhaust
Fixed my hot issue.
My center console and front seat cushion and below the front seats was really hot.

I ran the Toyota Tech stream diagnostic program.
And I found that the driver's side downstream O2 sensor was not working. AND THIS DID NOT THROW A CHECK ENG CODE.
I found this on the live sensor monitor page on the Tech stream.
So to confirm this I also ran an Ultra gauge with the live reading for all 4 sensors while driving around for 1 full day.
Confirmed that the one sensor was not getting a reading.
So the driver side must have been running rich. Making the cat run extremely hot. (just an assumption).
I replaced the 1 bad sensor with one from Denso.
I got all 4 sensors giving me a reading now on the Ultra Gauge.

Since I was down there I also changed out the T Case oil. (not sure if this may have anything to do with issue of the hot floor).
But the oil was a little below where it is suppose to be. Change that out.

No more hot floor.
I remember my floor or console never being hot when i bought the rig from my friend a year ago.
Now it is fixed. Will update if anything changes.

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