Horn won't honk solution.

Apr 7, 2003
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My '73 40 horn was not honking, the wiring and fuse was good. I took off the steering wheel covers and noticed a contactor that is spring loaded and constantly rubs a metal strip on the steering wheel as you turn it. I took the steering wheel off (using a 700lb gear puller) not having a steering wheel extractor. I took it apart and noticed the contactor was dirty so I sanded it down the 30 years of dirt and grime. Put it back together and now I'm beepin happy. I'm sure most of you guys know about this but just in case that was my solution. My dad's horn also is not working so he's gonna try this. I was also able to put my steering wheel back on straight. Bonus. And for all of you who read this whole paragraph and didn't get anything usefull from it. I'm sorry, but you'll be alright.

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