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Sep 24, 2018
Central Virginia
I have a 2004 Sienna Limited AWD with 176K. I went to my local inspection station this morning for the dreaded annual inspection. They failed me for intermittent horn operation. I figured this would be an easy fix so I brought it home and proceed to fight the thing all day. At this point I don't know what else to do. I have very little trust in the stealership and there isn't a Toyota specialty shop particularly close. Worse come to worse I will probably take it to the specialty shop but would like to fix it myself if at all possible.

So far:
1. Fuse intact
2. Swapped relay from my 100 series and still does not work
3. Relay can be felt and heard to function when operating the horn from the fob
4. Horn operates from key fob, both horns can be felt vibrating
5. Disassemble steering wheel/airbag/clockspring to grease/clean/lubricate bearing behind the clock spring, in earlier Siennas at least the ground is through this bearing which gets dirty and dry with age, many posts report success with this. Horn still intermittently inoperable.
6. Ground post on back of airbag noticed to be loose on reassembly in step 5. I messed with the ground on the back of the airbag and attempted to re-secure it after which the horn was completely inoperable.
7. Got used airbag/horn from junkyard and installed. Horn still inoperable, in addition airbag light noticed to be on, and buttons on the steering wheel are no longer working. I am unsure if these new issues are due to the junkyard airbag or from step 6.
8. Swapped known working airbag/horn from my 100. Horn still inoperable.
My next step is a new clockspring but I don't really want to throw another part at this when I have low confidence that this will solve my issues... Not sure what else it could be though... please advise
Aug 2, 2006
The horn definitely operates through the clock spring.
Check it for continuity before replacement.
Sounds like youve done everything else.
Fact it its almost always the clock spring. ;) another super brilliant design.

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