Hoping to move from a 01' GC Limited to the LC...need some help.

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Jan 18, 2006
West Virginia
My first post. Ok, down to business. I have been following this site for about 6 months now. I was looking to purchase a 98-99 LC back in August. However, after searching for a while, I could not find a LC for a great deal. I ended up settling for a 01' Grand Cherokee Limited (4.0 I6, QuadraDrive AWD). I like the Grand Cherokee and have had no issues to date, however, I keep reading posts on this site and am semi-regretting not waiting a while longer for something to pop up (which one did...I've seen several since that have been around 15-16k with 100-120k).

That being said, do you all have any experiences with Jeeps such as mine and Land Cruisers? If so, feel free to chime in with any comparitive analysis! My Jeep has 92k on it right now, the only thing I am on the wall about is buying a vehicle that is 2-3 years older and with more mileage. Are there any significant items I should be looking at to have checked while searching? I noticed some have had starter contact issues. Any transmission issues with 98-99's? That is one thing I cannot go into. If a tranny on my Jeep happens to go bad, it will cost about 1k for a rebuild. I assume the LC would be at least 2x that amount.

Thanks, and sorry if I rambled. Glad to actually be a posting member of the forum now. Hopefully I can contribute some knowledge at some point in the not-so-distant future. (However, on a side note...If any of you have questions about turbocharging,MKIV or MKIII Supra's, or Cobra Mustangs....feel free to shoot me an IM...I've had a few break the 1k hp mark).
If you just got into that GC, I'd ride it out for a while personally. You'd probably take a hit just to get into the LC and personally I think the GC is a solid vehicle. I don't want to go into a comparison for fear of bashing but if you've only had it for a couple of months is unloading it really what you want to do?
Comparing a high mileage (100K+) GC to a high mileage LC isn't a similar or equitable comparison IMO.

The GC build quality and engineering is inferior to the LC. That's been my experience anyway.

I wouldn't hesitate to buy ANY series LC over 100K that has been well maintained by the PO's. Certainly wouldn't do the same with the GC...

Searching on this forum will give you plenty of reading material on the 100 and things to be aware of in a higher mileage situation.
and welcome to the forum!
Thank you all for the replies. I have made some searches about transmissions and did not get many hits. It seemed some focused on 00' LC/LX's? How about 98-99's? Are the transmissions in these vehicles stout?
Pretty reliable component in this vehicle. There is the old tranny and the new 5sp auto. The old one has proven itself very well. The new 5sp hasn't had any concerns yet either but those units don't have much mileage on them yet. I wouldn't hesitate on a cruiser with either.
BoostedToy said:
Thank you all for the replies. I have made some searches about transmissions and did not get many hits. It seemed some focused on 00' LC/LX's? How about 98-99's? Are the transmissions in these vehicles stout?
The '98-'99 tranny is the same as the FZJ80 95-97 tranny. You can do a search in the 80 series section. Yes, they are stout.

Edit: The tranny is very stout for the NA motor. If you turbo the motor, you might want to tweak the tranny a bit.
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Not cutting down Jeeps whatsoever, though have you even rode in or driven a 100? No comparison...and there shouldn't be. They cost almost double that of a GC. It's not fair to the GC to be compared.

I've been on many trips. I've had 3 GC's bust motor mounts and ruin fans and radiators simply by getting flexed out and this happened on moderate-at-best trails with little challenge. One trip I've even noted it here:

They can be built to be VERY capable off-road though they do not hold up well at all. Get flexed out and try to open your doors and/or close your gate. You can't. Do the same to the UZJ100. The frame doesn't even flex.

Everything in the Cruiser is so overbuilt compared to most all vehicles. I'd take a Cruiser with 150K miles over a new GC. The Cruiser will be running after the new GC isn't....though again...the comparison is not fair IMO.

Thank you all so much for the replies! Very helpful forum experience (much unlike my fellow supra brethren at times ...ugh). How much is a timing belt job on 100's? I have located a LC I might very well be purchasing. It has 120k on it but I'm not sure if the timing belt has been done yet. If I do buy this LC, which it is very well possible that I will be, I will be keeping it for a long time as my primary driver. Can I expect 200k from it?

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