Hollister Hills Fun Pictures

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Jun 6, 2005
Menlo Park, CA
Had some fun with buds from Redwood City yesterday...

Here's more pics... Hollister 4-5-08 - a photoset on Flickr

Adding another set from someone else..

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Gee thanks for the invite Mark:rolleyes:.....J/K... Drop me a pm whenever u go again. Though some of the pics seems like you guys were not playing!:eek:..:cheers:
What is this SChat? :flipoff2: LOL

Damn sorry guys...

I had an informal invite in the San Francisco Get together thread...

Next time I will PM both of you :beer:

BUT I LOVE PANOCHA...:frown::crybaby:
I talked with a guy at the Morgan Hill Safeway in a '40 and his buddy had a big yellow mini truck on a trailer. They weren't from here, but they were heading down. Did you see them?

The sun is really bringing out the '40s. I've seen about five of them this week.

I saw several 40's there. I don't recall seeing a yellow mini??

One 40 was green, other was orange, and the other was yellow I believe..

Yeah you gotta love this weather!!! I drove mine into work today :smokin:
Added another link to pics...

in first post.
I saw a Pinzegaur (spelling?)

That first trail we did took us from 9:30 to about almost 1 o'clock....

3 broken beads, and about 5 times the winch had to be used.. it took a lot of our time up..

So there is a good gap that we weren't out seeing the sights... :D

Was fun as hell though!
shoot me a message if you guys go again - or come to MudnYer eye? I saw the pinzie but the guy who drives it never eally does anything cool with it. We got stock really bad in a pond but then the PTO winch earned its keep. I hate steel cables. Even with dewault gloves I got some nice cuts.

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