Holley Sniper EFI AFR A/F Unplugged Question ?

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May 24, 2022
Smyrna, GA
Can anyone help? My Holley reader stated my
AFR/AF was unplugged it ran fine and seems in order, does anyone have an answer?
Did your oxygen sensor come unplugged? Wiring damaged? I’d check there first.
I haven’t seen that happen on mine. I’ve had other issues with the AFR and O2 sensors. If the truck is still running the same then I doubt the O2 sensor is the issue. The truck won’t run without a proper signal from the O2 sensor. It might be an internal issue. Have you searched Holley’s site for trouble shooting? They have a forum and message board and a tech line you can call.
Actually I think it will stay in open loop/no learn. Go to the preset af screen and see if it’s still in that mode while driving.

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