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Dec 3, 2010
Hi Guys - stupid question from a newbie here. I've just moved out to california from the east coast, left/sold most of my tools back there. What I'm wondering is, are there places that rent out tools/garage space to do wrenching? Sort of like the hobby shops that they have on military bases, where you've got all the tools you need, plus bigger stuff like an engine hoist? I'm fairly certain I'm going to end up in a place without a decent garage (not high on the gf's list when we're looking for apartments) so I'm trying to plan my truck purchase accordingly.

Not sure if I've made myself clear, but I appreciate any thoughts you guys have.
Try community college or adult education classes. I guy in our club worked on his cruiser at a CC.
I just discovered tech shop online. I was having a hard time figuring out from the website whether they were more of a fabrication shop or a wrenching shop. Looks like like it might fit the bill as long as the project can be completed in a day?
Something like this? Not in California, but the basic idea. They are looking for people who want to start more shops like this.
Hands On Garage
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