hj75 suspension seats

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May 2, 2011
Hi guys
I just brought a set of bj7? suspension seats in very good condition to put in the hj75 pick up but to my surprise they wont fit as he floor pan is different. The right hand drivers is a plug and play on the existing seat rail fitted but the left passenger has a 3/4 fitted so the passenger need mods to fit. I have read the drivers right side rails will bolt to the passengers left floor pan can anyone verify this info.
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Well got it sorted after a long search so I will ditch everything bar the seats and bolt the old rails on drill a few new holes on the passenger side and bob's my uncle. Stay tuned for a few pics when its done
I think there bundera LX buckets so they should be available in Canada. There hard to get downunder and don't come up very often
In fact BJ's 70 where only sold between 1985 and 1986 inCanada so they become very hard to find now as you imagine even more with suspension seats. I don't even know if they would fit on a newer 75 series
I have only seen three sets of these seats for sale here in Aus and that was in the last 4 months
I must admit I was pretty keen to ensure the bj74 I purchase had the suspension seats, and was lucky enough to find one in great nic, + the bonus of the seats, there just so cool to have :D
BJ and HZJ75 have different floor pans so they will not fit unless you remove the front fuel tank and weld the BJ floor into your HZJ.
Hey oz did you get those seats from Nowra
You did get them for a good price then they were in my watch list on eBay
800 K up north cost me big time but it was worth the money for the better half as the 3/4 was like a park bench. Happy wife happy life
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I'm not sure but can find out through the week as I know where there's a troopy with suspension seats. I will check it out and compare the floor pans and suspension mechanism.

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