Hj61 24v stereo with factory amp??

Jul 25, 2022
It’s my first post so go easy…

First up the car is 24v but the stereo is 12 v ran through a reducer in the engine bay.
Was attempting to get the rear speakers working today (not sure if they are factory but they are up on the gutter line in the back?) and I stumbled across another speaker in the rear on the passenger side. It looks to have a factory amp or something wired through it. Has anyone seen one of these before and know what it’s for?
PS I still can’t work out the rear speakers but it’s a fair rats nest of wiring behind the stereo. Couldn’t quite get the dash the whole way out to get full access though.
Anyone have any wisdom on what this part is? And also how to get the dash the whole way out??


May 20, 2022
I see no one has replied here. I recently ripped the stereo out of mine. I installed a small deep cycle battery and 24v-12v converter under my driver's seat. I added a separate fuse box and am running all of my new accessories from that box.

That being said I have not even looked to see if I have a woofer mount, that is most likely what you are looking at. I am about to swap all of my speakers though.

To get the dash out you have to disconnect the spedo input. Right behind the speedometer. Heads up it is a pain in the ass to get back on.
My head unit was a complete rats nest, I dont know how many times they tried to t off the ACC line, but it was way too many. Took an hour to sort through everything. Even still I managed to swap my front and rear speaker wires. God speed and don't hesitate to hit me up with any questions.

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