HJ60 : what is this component please?

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Sep 18, 2013
Bodensee D-land
Gday 60ers,
I know most of the trucks on here are FJs but maybe someone can identify this item arrowed below under the hood of my old HJ beater. I'm fitting a second battery and electrics but I ain't no expert - learning as I go. I've read quite a few pointers on the forum here which should see me right. Cheers!


As I'm new to to the forum, here's the old fellow a few years back in 2008 ( glory days!) just to get an idea - looking a bit more sorry for itself these days after being used as a farm hack since then.

It looks like a regulator/rectifier but I only say that because it has a heat sink attached.
For sure not a OEM part.
Look like a voltage converter, but since your truck has 12V original i wonder what it converts. 12V to 24V maybe for some strange reason?

Did you measure on the contacts how much voltage it is giving in and out?
It looks like a dual battery charge controller. They allow 2 separate and independent battery banks to be charged from a single source.

The answer to your question lies in the answer to this question:

Where do the wires go?
Thanks for all the answers and the questions guys!

I would of course tell you where the wires go if it was just short trip outside but my truck lies about 15000 kms from my current location.

Right now I'm in the deep south of Germany and going back to Tasmania for the summer in a few weeks.

This truck is familiar to me from various trips my wife and I have made in it over the last ten years in Tas but it always belonged to a mate. About four months ago He told me he had retrieved it from the farm and was selling it. I didn't hesitate and bought it : it's a bit shabby but it's got soul. Hence the name - Mr Brown or James.

I'm sorting it out remotely at the moment for a long trip this summer with my wife and kids. My mate has done a few things for me like the suspension bushes and replaced the screen but he's often tied up fixing his boat and I've got to do the rest when I get back.

I could spend weeks tinkering with it but the wife would not dig it, so I've got to be efficient : get all the bits sorted for a second battery to run a fridge and get it in quick so we can 'Go bush' asap. Hence the question, just wondering if it was an instant recognition for someone or what it was. I'll pester my mate again - ask him where the wires go! - but he's lost interest now the weather's getting better and he want to get out fishing.

He knows nothing about the electrics which were put in by the previous guy but I was wondering whether it was some sort of remnant of a dual battery set-up?
That looks like a diode dual battery isolator. If so, the middle wire is (or was) from your alternator output. The two outside wires ran to each battery.


Or, as mentioned, it's possibly a 24V to 12V converter.

BTW - You don't want to use a diode isolator on a 60 Series. The resistance of the diode will keep your batteries from recieving a full charge. Which will then cause them to fail within 2 years.

The best dual battery isolator/combiner I've seen comes from Hellroaring Technologies.


And the absolute best battery trays come from:

Off topic, but a good friend of mine is originally from Burnie, Tasmania - I've always wanted to visit!
...yup, dual battery isolator...

Thanks again for the replies. Just remove that old isolator then? That Hellroaring one looks pretty heavy duty. I want to run a fridge, couple of camp lights etc I was looking at something like this for $70


Or Piranha off road who do this unit for $140 -


srogers wrote
a good friend of mine is originally from Burnie, Tasmania

That's up on the north-west coast of Tas and I'm based south of Hobart. We'll be going up that way around Christmas. There's some good tracks going up there along the west coast - I don't take on anything too demanding : alone, no winch, wife and three small kids etc - keep it pretty tame. Just find a nice quiet spot to pitch the tent.

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