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Jan 22, 2007
Chesnee, SC
I have an opening for an all-around mechanic. Applicants should have basic mechanical skills, welding and fabrication skills a plus. Applicants should also have a good assortment of tools for personal use. I am looking for someone that is serious about their career, not just a job.

This is not a corporate job, it does not provide health insurance or paid vacations. What it does provide is an opportunity for the applicant to be paid on performance. The right applicant will understand that if they put themselves into the work and strive constantly to improve their game, they can afford their own insurance and afford to take vacations. The right applicant will be hungry for the chance to forge their own future, by their own actions and involvement. It is really that simple.

My shop builds custom Land Cruisers and I am looking to branch out to other makes and models as well. I do drive line swaps using GM LS and Vortec engines, frame swaps, suspension rebuilds, electrical rebuild and full builds. The shop is in Chesnee, about 11 miles North of Spartanburg SC, in the country. Close to Greenville, SC, Asheville, NC and Charlotte, NC.

Surely there is someone out there that can hold there own in a shop like mine.

Wanted, one first rate second banana. Truly a write your own ticket kind of opportunity.

If you can not handle full time, have more drama in your life than most, walk on by.

Best way to contact me is Email HFS4x4@yahoo.com
Still hiring!
Jeesus Stan, I'd work for you in a minute!
Still haven't found the right candidate??
Not as of yet. The last one was 25 with some mechanical talent. Unmarried with 3 kids between them, she does not work and all he could manage was 31.5 hour a week average over 22 week period. I am naïve as I later found that this is quite common among young folks. Seems if he marries her she and the kids loose all the benefits the state gives her.

Perhaps I expect too much, but when I can only bill out 60-65% of the hours they do work to a customer and manage to keep my soul it is not a good business plan. I have work stacked up for a couple years now and have not been taking on new work for close to a year.

I do have one experienced candidate coming to see if we can work together. So I am keeping my fingers crossed. He is very close to my age so it will be "Two old farts garage".
Still looking

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