High amp fuse set ups - what are you using?

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Nov 27, 2009
In a van down by the American River
I am trying to find a good set up to hold high amp fuses (up to 50 amps) in the engine bay and to protect from the elements. I am currently running the maxi blade style since they are the only sizes available for 50 amp range. I have a separate Busman mini fuse setup for my normal circuits that is under the dash so this is just for special circuits that draw higher loads (fan, headlights, etc). Problem is that I tried an audio maxi blade holder for 4 fuses but they get corroded from the elements. I would like to see what you are using for high amp set ups and are protected from moisture, etc. and can be ganged or set in multi holder arrangement.

I've got a similar set-up to you. I'm looking at using some marine fuses that mount straight to the battery terminal, check out blue-sea they have a few different things
Agree on the Blue Sea, extremely high quality and made for harsh environments. Their website is like a candy store if you enjoy wiring.
Yep Blue Sea...
I have a safety hub 150 up front and it splits to a small 8 circuit sub fuse block.
Ditto in regards to Blue Sea!

I bought and install an Automatic Charging Relay. The relay lasted a week. I contacted them, they asked for a picture of the installed product, I sent a picture, they sent me a new relay that day! Great customer service!!! :)

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