Hi Beam working intermittently

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Jun 20, 2009
Brisbane Australia
Hi Guys/Girls,
the high beam on my HZJ75 1991 is playing up. I am thinking it is the relay as my spotties still work and are tapped into the high beam wire in the steering column.

Where and which relay is it?

Any other ideas?

There is no relay for the headlights,
What wattage bulbs are your headlights,
When the globes are upgraded they tend to burn out the contacts around the steering wheel and melt the 3 pin plug on the back of the headlights before the fuse blows, then you can either buy new surround for $280 ish or install some relays and still use ur original surround for the switching. If that's the issue.
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ok i have it sorted. Or at least in the short term. The switch is a bit doggy. The contacts appear to be heat affected. the copper is discolored. I tweeked it a little and it works again.
I found the head light relay but it is both High and low beam. The swtcing is in the earth

The headlight bulbs are Halogen 60/55 or somthing not high wattage. My spots are 120W but run totally separate wiring other than the Relay.

The plugs on the lights are fine. Although you would think they would have run heavier wiring.

ANway thanks for the reply
It's the silver on the end of the contacts which slowly wears away untill bad contact surface area causing excess heat or current which makes things worse.
Glad you sorted the problem.
With the swich, if you sand the points that fixes it some times. You dont have to buy a compleat combernation swich, you can just get the headlight part. The pre 95 hiluxs have the same headlight swich.

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