Hey Gary!

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Mar 1, 2002
When is the Pig Run?
Pig run

Guys- been away with work and will be away for at least the first week of August. I had not been real hot to get a pig run together for this year- last eyar we had only six or seven rigs. I'd be glad to set up a wheeling weekend in August if we get enough interest. Who from the MD/VA area would be interested- Dan, Bob, Felix, tow truck Dan, John Smith, Burl, any of the other guys? I nterest here in PA is not particularly good. Let me know what you think- I'd be considering most likely the weekend of August 17/18. Gary S
I'm very interested, but that particular August weekend is out for me. I'll have family in town.

Consider me a definite, Gary, if your schedule changes and you end up looking at either of the following two weekends.
Bumping a weekend or two would help me as well but I'm hoping to make it regardless.
Gary - just pick a date and your job is done.
Pig run set for August 24/25

Guys- figure on August 24 and 25. Mark your calendars and let's wheel. Feel free to post here and also to email me shmukter@pa.metrocast.net and at work GSCHMAUCH@cartech.com. Get the word out to anyone who might have an interest in wheeling either or both of those days and let's have a good turnout thios year!!! Gary
I wish I could come to this! Unfortunately I don't trust my rig to make it 20 miles, let alone a couple hundred. Hopefully this time next year it will be in a condition to make it out!

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