Hey Brian MacGyver!!!!!

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Remember the KnightRider!
Feb 22, 2005
The Old Pueblo
Shoot me a pm with your address and I will send up those spindles and latch. Unless you're not in a huge hurry, I'm sure I'll see Kevin in the next month.
It is easy. Just bring them to AZ Rocks in Apr. I will be in the s***ty that day. If it is not too hot I will join the wheeling fun. If it is, I will be at the folks place and see Kevin there.
I need one uncut spindle and a latch assy. When I get it I will call and take care of Luke on that. He is on speed dial on my phone.
For the rest and matters of shipping and such, it is up to you and him.
I think that I PM'ed you my phone # last night, but I am not sure as internet is not my specialty, and I was tired at the time. I'll try to check.

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