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Aug 16, 2009
Hey all,

I've been lurking around MUD since last summer when I bought my 40, it's proven invaluable!

It's in no way, shape, or form "restored" but it's mine, and has become quite the addiction. It's to the point where I've scrapped my entire plan to buy a new truck and instead buy an $800 Camry for when the 40's not road worthy :D

I'm overseas right now (not part of the plan, supposed to be in college, meh) but the :princess: and my FJ have moved back up to Tacoma as of this evening and I'll be back this summer. We've just purchased our 5 yr. TLCA membership and look forward to meeting some local cruiserheads!

I've been wheeling full size Broncos and Cherokee's (yeah, yeah...price was right...) for a while, mostly up at Evans creek. My FJ's got a mild lift on it with some 33's and a LockRite in the rear and can certainly hold it's own (until I get on the rocks, damn manual steering!) though I'm aiming for a more street friendly ride than anything wild.

It'll be a few months before I post up my "build" thread (over here saving up the tax free $$$ so I can finance the operation!) but I wanted to swing by here to introduce myself locally. I check this site religiously (damn near my only outlet) and really enjoy all (most?) that I see. Can't wait to be back so I can hop on some trail rides!

(These are pics from the day I bought it. Please note that the Nascar mud flaps were immediately removed. Sorry you had to see that.)
Apr 21, 2010
Orting, Wa
Mike, it's nice to see that you are well on your way. She doesn't look like much, but I'm sure she's got it where it counts.

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