heres the new exhaust sound

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so which ex did you go with and what are your motor specs?
Nice :cool:

Had a similar sound on my '79, 304 powered j**p...dual pipes with cherry bombs...sometimes miss that awesome V8 sound.

Again, great looking/sounding rig :cheers:
I love it! Gives me goosebumps.
Had to listen again...more engine work than I had. Really sounds good :cheers:

When is the next video of it in action???
Everytime I hear one of these things I want to take out my 2F and put a 350 in. I am just scared of having tons of problems with it.
theres always problems with anything but this was a ground up so i expected problems. as for the mufflers they are flo masters with 2 and a half pipe
Problems with the conversion not the engine.
the conversion was ok but i put everything differant on this so like i said i expected some fine tunning on everything. as a great company once said just do it and dont look back
OK, but what lift/duration is the cam? That thing sounded sick.;)

Sorry, I thought I was replying to one of the other threads on this is where it sounds like a dragster......

Still wanna know about the cam.....Kee-pucky-Kee-Pucky-Kee-Pucky-Kee-Pucky
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you know i dont remember whats all been done to it. we built that a long time ago to put in a race car. we used to build winston west race cars and open wheel modifed. so i had it lying around. needed to use it.
Very nice, Sir. Mine (newly rebuilt 2F with 6 - 1 header) has a bad muffler and sounds like an old boat. But I like it. Congratulations and good luck!:cheers::flipoff2:

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