help with welding in groveland MA???

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Jun 30, 2003

I am heading up to Landtank's this weekend to install my spiffy new Slee 4" suspension. The thing is, we need help welding the castor plates up front. 2 short beads but they should be welded none the less...

any one have welder, willing to travel? its this saturday... going to get started at 9... will need welding around 11 maybe????

If LT knows how to weld and has 220 available, you guys could borrow my Millermatic. If I'm around this weekend I may be able to swing by with the 40 which has an OBW, but I have to make sure it's working properly as I have not used it in a while.

Can the truck be driven w/o welding the castor plates? If so, I could weld it for you.

i can drive the truck with out the welding... i could swing by... we re torque the nuts (so fun to say that) then weld. we should be all set.

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