Help with some frame repair questions--Pics of what looks like a solution...

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Sep 23, 2003
Folks...pasted below are some photos from a frame repair that looks pretty good to my eye. For those with experience or candid thoughts, please chime in. My rear cross member, gussets, shackle hangers are all off and I have a fair amount of rust in remaining 15 inches of frame on my truck. I need to reinforce it, sleeve it, or otherwise build it up before reinstalling the bumper. I'll post a picture below of the rust I am working with.

I found a link to a repair job that someone did with 3x4 box tube. What do you think about this approach for my problem?
frame 3.jpg
frame 1.JPG
I would do it the same way. How is the rest of the frame?

rest of the frame is in great condition. I have been over it pretty carefully. There is one spot with some delamination, but nothing major. The front shackle hanger, on the rear springs, needs some reinforcement. Otherwise, the messy part is in the photos and resigned to the rear.

As for "good enough, for who".....that would be me....someone with a fair amount of 4x4 experience, just not in this truck. I am building it up pretty carefully for running trails and rocks....aesthetics not that important.

I am also not a pro welder. So I would like a repair on this rear frame that doesn't rip apart the first time someone needs to snatch me out of a pond, a ditch, or whatever. I don't mind overbuilding it to make sure that won't happen.
looks like a good strong repair to me welds look good to, nice work:cheers:
Work looks very nice.How far does the new metal extend into the old? Mike
looks real nice welds look good and strong tyiing it in with the little gusset should do the trick.
My last trail 40 had at least the last 20" of frame replaced with rectangle tube before I bought it. While the body didn't survive the winters in Boston the frame is still fine and ready for another tub to wheel again.


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