Help With Dash Lights

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Apr 9, 2007
The back lights on several of my heater control buttons are not working so trying to operate it at night is strictly by trial and error. The green lights on the buttons do work when the button is pushed. I want to replace all of the back lights (and many more) with LEDs if possible. My first question is...... how do you remove the buttons to get to the bulbs? and Does anyone have any recommendations for LED lights? Oh... I have done a search but can't find anything on the buttons and there are so many on little time.......Thanks SC
I replaced the heater control lights in my '94 while upgrading the radio. You have to remove the heater control module from the dash. There are 3 (iirc) lights that screw into the back of the control module. If you have a 91-94, the dash trim extends all the way to the left of the steering wheel and is likely brittle - be careful!

I found replacements at a local Toy dealer. Interestingly, the green color is from a little cover that slips over a clear light bulb. My wife's Accord uses similar bulbs in the dash so that may be an option if the Toy dealer is out.

I don't know if there is a LED upgrade for these though - maybe someone else can chime in.
Does anyone have any help on this?
:doh:I have worked on my 96 and it's a pain in the ass to due. If you’re going to change the lights make sure you have a list of the parts you’re going to replace. “Be Careful” do not over tighten screws parts on the dash are paper thin. I put in about 1hr in taking the dash apart; mark your screws some are longer than others. Disconnect your battery too.

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