Help with burglary!!! - FSM Details

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Oct 19, 2004
I know this is going to come across as a really weird question, but...

I need to know from those of you have ordered a FSM from Toyota Publication the dimensions of the box that the book came in. And if possible, specifically those that have ordered a FSM for the FJ62.

The day that my 1990 FSM was delivered, my place was burglarized. When the detectives were printing and taking pictures of my place, I noticed that my FSM was by the front door, with no packaging. Because of the nature of the crime, the main suspects are the maintenance people in my building and the detectives are trying to corroborate one of the statements given by the suspects.

Again, I know this odd, but any help would greatly be appreciated.

Please send emails to:

robert AT southernrecording . com
How deep?
Yea, this has to be one of the more bizarre questions. Funny thing is, it really is closer to tech than chat. I can't help with the box size but I hope it turns out ok for you. Keep us posted.
U might try calling toyota place, where u ordered from, and tell them the same story and ask them to give u a measurement ...
Put on your Sherlock hat, grab a pipe, and hopefully you'll be able to catch them. Seriously, I hope you catch whoever did it, and keep us posted.
i am now officially interested as to why you need the box size. please tell the story
My guess is that it's possible the thieves put stolen merchanise into the box. -bastards.
Thanks for the kinds words folks.

I had called toyota publications and they said they couldn't know for sure until the manager of the shipping department got back. I'm guessing that the call center and where they ship the books are in different locations. And he's not getting back until Tuesday. Time sensitivity provoked me to post here and ask you guys before I got information from Toyota, almost a week after the crime.

As for the size of the box, jwest is correct. In an interview of one of the people questioned as a witness, he alledges that he saw the perps and precisely described what was stolen from the premises from a distant point of view. But, since there was no traces of the box on the premises or in any of the trash areas, it is assumed that the box was used to conceal the valuables, questioning the witness' ability to decribe the items. There's more than that to this but the jist is that his story is full of holes and the ship is sinking fast...

Trust me, I won't need a pipe.

I could be driving a brand new Landcruiser with what walked off in that small of a box. Yes, I'm insured. It's just a matter of being totally violated. And to add insult to injury, the guy in my crosshairs is employed by the building owner...
duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude. what a ****. id be so pissed. good luck

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