help with 4runner tailgate rewire

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May 13, 2009
southeast wisconsin
Truck is an 87 4runner, i had to install a new window switch in the cab since the relay went bad, so i just put in a whole new switch, but i never wired in the key switch into the system. So i tried doin that today, but no luck. I had abit of time and used the paint program on my computer... anyway... correct me if im wrong with how its set up. but am i able to just run a power wire from the battery back to the key, than connect the two other wires right to the window motor? or am i missing something here?
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are you 100% sure it was the window switch? Anyways From the door panel wiring there is on my 95' 4runner : white black wire > Doorlock detection switch > Blue/red wire cover top switch > blue/green wire splits into 2 Blue/green wires> rear power window lock switch which runs to blue/red> rear power window switch and the other Blue/green runs to the Back door control switch for up and down on both last switches said. after those switches you have 4 more wires leading into the power relay

Silly things to check : Fuses, Child proof door locks drivers door lock.

I had to swap my rust back hatch for a better one (hilux surf )
Long story short the door lock on the back hatch had to be swapped and the cap behind the lock has 2 wires the old one has 3. Everything works but the back window will only go up if you use the front seat centre console switch when the rear is closed The key lock only lowers it lol

Far as i know with your problem you might have to wire it in right because the whole system works off of a tier of switches bypassing them makes one after the other fail to work
Yes, you are way wrong... The switch up front,, and the key switch in the tail gate both tell the control relays (Drivers side, just behind drivers seat in side panel) to raise and lower the window. You can rewire it with a single switch up front, but the key switch in the tailgate is not the right kind of switch to run the window motor without a relay set up.
i actually did that already in the cab, i replaced that about a year ago. i was just seeing if i could rewire the talgate switch to go with it. thanks tho, youve helped me quite abit already in my previous posts. so when you say something, i listen to it.
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