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Oct 21, 2011
Hi there,
I've read several post and non recommend what the mechanic wants to do which is to instal a new throttle body. LC is a 2001, 205k miles and in my opinion well taken care off.
I picked up the car from a second shop after the first shop made several mistakes (feel free to read down below). It went to the 2nd shop to correct the issues. When I picked her up she strarted right up, drove fine for the first 8-10 miutes of city driving. Got to a stop light and I was distracted looking at the radio and failed to noticed that the car had stalled. Light green and car was off. She started right up and drove fine but as soon as I slowed down she stalled. I was able to turn around and by using neutral and gas pedal I kept her going all the way back to the shop. Only time it stalled again was at a 90 degree turn where I needed to slow down and couldnt give her gas. Fuel tank is half full and no issues when I drove her from my house to the second shop (about 15 miles).
The shop looked into it and said that they cleaned the manifold, that its a bit better but they think that the problem is appearing now or is pronounced bc its cold outside (wtf?) and they recommend a new one ($1000!!!), I asked them if they were sure and they said: "well thats the code we get". They cant really reassure me it will fix it I guess?!?

Backstory: the car was fine in Nov 2019. It had a belt squeak and I took her to a shop for a belt and an oil change. It happened to be Thanksgiving weekend so I waited to pick her up on Monday. Here's what happened:

Land cruiser at University Auto.

First came in because of a noisy belt, it was decided that a new serpentine belt was needed. Later it was advised that a belt tensioner was also necessary. Both approved by owner as it was assessed by the shop that this was all needed to repair the squeak.
During the replacement of the belt the mechanic broke the air control valve (this item is not part of the process to replace a serpentine belt). All fluid from steering spilled, mechanic replaced the fluid with the wrong type. Landcruisers requires ATF and he used steering fluid.
Owner was not told that the the air control valve was broken by mechanic during the installation of the belt. Mechanic ordered a replacement without approval from the owner.
Owner was later informed of the fact by the manager . Owner was CHARGED for the part.
A weekend went by and the vehicle stayed overnight at facility. (from Friday to Monday)
A battery is installed without owner approval.
On Monday owner is informed that the battery was not holding charge. Even though it was fine the week before. Original battery is off the car and owner is “offered” to have it replaced back into the vehicle but is told that the car will not run.
Owner agrees to now buy a battery. (turns out it is the wrong type for the car)
Immediately after starting the vehicle the battery warning light goes off.
It is diagnosed now that it was not the battery but the alternator which was bad.
Reluctantly it is agreed for the alternator to be replaced. Owner requests a Denso Toyota part but manager reassured that the one they ordered is “as good”.
Owner picks up vehicle after the alternator repair within 2 miles owner notices a rubber smell and discovered that the serpentine belt has jumped a pulley.
Vehicle goes back to the shop and the owner is advised that a a new serpentine belt will be ordered and a different mechanic will handle installation.
Vehicle is picked up again by owner, within a mile of driving it the skid plate falls off the vehicle and becomes damaged.
Owner returns to facility and is told it will be replaced at no cost.
At 476 miles since the alternator was replaced, the alternator fails and drains the battery.

It is also discovered that the battery sold by University Auto is the wrong group size (it’s a smaller battery therefore fewer cells, less power and reserve capacity ) also not the correct CCA for the car (it is rated at 700 and not 710 which is the oem recommended rating).

Wrong battery size and CCAs
Alternator failed. (Owner request a Denso)
Fluid for steering was replaced with the wrong type after mechanic breaks the air control valve , vehicle requires ATF
Skid plate has yet to be replaced.
Serpentine belt installation should be checked given the history.

Ever since Nov the car has been at either shop. HELP!
Thanks in advance
Oct 21, 2011
2nd Shop its sure that the power steering air control valve that the 1st shop broke and replaced is not the issue. :(:poop:

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