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Oct 13, 2017
Bentonville, AR
Thank you for helping. I'm swapping a 5.3/4L60 into a 90 Land Cruiser for a customer but this transmission and transfer case came from a 1988 or a 1990 model he says. I ordered the Advanced Adapters kit for a 1990 model. I want to make sure I have the right kit before I cut the shaft on the 60...

Also, how the hell do you separate the transfer case from the Toyota trans? I spent an hour on it last night and unable to split them. I am hoping maybe there is a bolt inside that i have missed.

anyway, here are the pics.




On the 60, I assume it's similar on the 62, you have to split the transfercase to remove it from the transmission.
Once all the bolts are out, the case just comes off. You may need to use a plastic mallet carefully smacked on judicial spots to break free the stiction. That case went on a FJ62 (1988-1990).
You have to take the Tcase apart to unbolt it as was pointed out above.
Thanks for the replies everyone! I was hoping just the bolts that hold it to the trans (around the edge) were the only bolts having to be removed to separate the case from the trans. I really didn't want to pull the covers off as this is a customer supplied piece, the less i take apart, the less able to go wrong if something doesn't work after install.... "it worked when i brought it to you....."
No, in order to remove the entire transfer case from the transmission, the rear cover of the transfer case has to be taken off first, then the transfer case input and idler gears pulled (easy- just label stuff as you pull them off & take sequential pictures). There's a few bolts behind the gears that hold the front plate to the transmission and they HAVE to be removed.

That tcase is off a 88-89 FJ62. You can tell by the pneumatic controlled 4 Hi input diaphragm on the passenger side.
That tcase is off a 88-89 FJ62. You can tell by the pneumatic controlled 4 Hi input diaphragm on the passenger side.
Randy, thank you! So, my concern is that i have ordered the wrong adapter from AA. Can anyone confirm if this will work or if i need to send it back for a correct one? If i need a correct one, please help me find the right kit part number!

This is the kit I ordered. Being the LC is a 1990, that is what we ordered based on. And the customer provided this transmission and transfer case.
50-0420 : 1997 & up GM 4L60E/4L65E to Toyota Land Cruiser HF2A transfer case,adapter kit. | Advance Adapters
Call AA and ask or call Georg at Valley Hybrids. He will know in 2 seconds.
So, i figured out the disconnect in the ordering. The FJ80 case began production and install in vehicles in 1990... So, when i called for a 1990 adapter kit, AA breaks the t-cases by that year. So, being that our FJ62 was built in late 1989 (as a 1990 model year), it wasnt technically a 1990 t-case. Problem is fixed and am sending the kit i have now back to them and getting a replacement soon. Scott Jabs at AA is awesome!

Thanks everyone for the help on this!! This forum is a plethora of knowledge.
But a dearth of $


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