Help - 89 xcab 4x4 frame parts ques

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Apr 21, 2009
I had the rear leaf mount tear off the frame and need to find a matching rear half of frame for parts. I only found info on 89-93 matching frames on a 4x4 x-cab. 4x4 x-cab frames are rare (found one in WA, but $1k to ship). Does the rear of any other frames match up back of the cab?? Dealer parts Dept/Boneyards don't know. A full frame swap is too $$ and time, but found a shop to work on rear section if I find a match. Any info (or source manual names to reference) would be appreciated.:confused:
Howdy! If the beds are interchangable, I would think the frame is pretty similar. If you found a shop that can fab on half a frame, why can't them just fab up a frame support/repair for your problem? John

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