Heed my advice at Car Washes!

Jun 28, 2010
Centennial, CO
Please learn from my experience this week. I went to my regular car wash, where I ALWAYS remove my HAM antenna and place it inside my vehicle. I have done this dozens of times, without any problems.

Unfortunately, one of their employees decided to go above the call of duty and tried to put said antenna back on it's mount, as he was drying my car off. Long story short, he stripped the brass threads on both the antenna AND the cable mount. Now I need to replace both, because I can't get a good connection!

The good news is that the car wash gave me $150 in car wash credits. The bad news, I have to rewire my HAM radio with new gear!

Take away for all of you...HIDE YOUR ANTENNA OR KEEP IT IN YOUR HAND AS YOUR CAR GOES THROUGH THE WASH! Easy enough to do...to save you time, money and grief! Augh.
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