Heater switch

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Oct 2, 2015
Port Orchard, wa
My heater stopped working yesterday.

Starter too (really the ignition switch), but that decided to start working again after pulling the plastic shields off the steering column.

No power to the starter, but jumping it the fan turns on, so I pulled the switch out.

46 years of dirt on it. Spayed it down with electric part cleaner and started looking, and then bent the tabs back to look inside....

And, a small bearing fell out. And then I took the conductor off the top to clean and forgot to make a note on witch way it was pointed.

Does anyone have pictures of the insides of one of these things?

(no hurry, it's supposed to be 90 today)
(and even though that broke, I did finally take the time to work on the slow speed / resistor, and managed to solder the wire back on to it, tested, and it works, at least until it's used long enough for the resistor to get hot.).
Well, I'm pretty sure this BB somehow goes under the plastic, somehow holds it into position with the ridges in the metal case.

And, the little copper conductor that slides on the top of that plastic, contacting the bottom of the fiberglass piece the wires are attached to orients like this?

When tinkering with it to test, sliding that conductor along the poles attached to the wires, the low speed of the fan never came on. There may be other issues, the low speed hasn't worked since I owned it but also had a wire torn off the resistor by the fan motor I soldered back on last night... And, bench testing, 12V positive straight to the plug from the starter motor, high and low speed worked...

Looking at the schematic, I'm also a little unsure how the 4 wires on the plug (one is 12V +) show up as 3 wires on the motor (one is a ground).

With the ignition on, I'm only getting 12V + from one of the poles on the bottom of the switch top?

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