Heading to Tex, Ok., Or Ark?

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Oct 30, 2007
Plano texas
Heading to Tex, Ok., Or Ark? Update !!!!

Hi, I have a stripped fj40 frame in Steam Boat Springs. Any body headed South in the next few weeks- month and can mud ship ? Will be loaded with a fork lift. Weight not to bad any way. Thanks, Mike :
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Hi, second thought . One of our members is heading to Oregon. He will be coming back through Colorado. He will be coming down I25 later to come back to Texas. Is anyone going to Steam Boat Springs and maybe going back to an area off of I 25 ? Thanks, Mike
You may get more response posting on Rising Sun Club forum, they are out of Denver. Good luck.
Thank You , No luck so far. Any chance some one who is a member over there could post this for me thanks very much . Mike
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Hi, Another thought can anyone get the frame to Denver or close to the interstate ? I can get a shipper from Denver to Dallas-Plano area. Thanks, Mike
Bump, Thanks for any help. Mike
Hi, Still looking for mud ship. Thanks, Mike
Hi, Anyone going to Hot Spings, Ark. For the trail ride ? Thanks, Mike
Hi, Anyone know of a cheap boat trailer for sale in Steam Boat springs area for sale , that would hold a fj40 frame ? Thanks, Mike
Hi, Any one near Montrose? There is a black 21 foot boat trailer for 100.00 . Was wondering if someone could look at it ? Thanks, Mike
May be coming from Alamosa through Houston on a highball run with an enclosed trailer. Would need to be timed well, doing a turn and burn.
Thanks, The frame is in Steam Boat Springs and can be loaded with a fork lift at a commercial business in Steam Boat. Anyone going from Steamboat to Alimosa ? Thanks , Mike
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Plan is still changing, may leave trailer in CO, will be returning South though with pickup. Can drag small trailer if needed.

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