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Harmonic Balancer Question

Apr 24, 2010
Hello Everyone. I'm new here with a recently purchased 94 Cruiser 4.5 liter. Had an oil leak behind crank pulley, so I pulled of harmonic balancer thinking i would replace the front seal. Well, I got the harm bal off and found the reason that seal was leaking. Part of the back shaft of the harm balancer had broken and eaten up the seal. My dilemma now is getting a new harm balancer. It may be a stupid question, but can this one be repaired. I know a repair sleeve would not work, but could a machine shop mend it? I've called around to every big parts store (Napa, Oreilly, Advance Auto, Autozone, and none of these have it and can't even order it. I called 3 dealers and they all want $380 and have to order it, one said it could take 2 weeks to get. Does anyone know where I could get one besides the dealer. I've surfed the web but can't find anything. I kind of need to get this fixed ASAP since its my daily driver, but also want to do it right. Is my only option to get a new one from the dealer. Thanks in advance.

Oct 3, 2006
Medford, OR
Call Cruiserdan. Look for American Toyota's number in the Vendor section. He'll likely get you the best price, and guaranteed the correct part.

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